The Sovereign System
12 Flash Back Part 1
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The Sovereign System
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12 Flash Back Part 1

"Damn! Seem like I need to achieve a higher Inner Cultivation to go higher up the Mountain."


Name: Alex Rager

Age: 7

Title: Show Off Practioner

Occupation: Alchemist level 3 (120,000/150,000 exp)

Purity: Virgin

Appearance: SSS

Control: SS

Wealth: SS

Charm: SS

Luck: SS

Moral: Immoral Show Off

- - - - - - - - -

Aptitude: Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Metal

Passive Abilities: Auto Cultivation, Spiritual Energy, Instant Comprehension, Conceal (disabled), Photo Memory.

Active Abilities: God's Eyes, Lightning Flash (Movement), Divine Body (Body Strengthening), Elemental Lotus (Attack), Absolute Zero (Ice Attack), Pure Spiritual Power

Dimensions: The Immortal Library, Mountain Of Flowers & Fruits

Bloodline: Interstellar Immortal Sovereign

Inner Cultivation Stage: Core Bearing Stage 5 (1,000/45,000 exp) [Immortal Sovereign]

Body Cultivation Stage: Golden Core Stage 5 (1,000,000/300,000 exp) [Elemental God's Divine Body]

SP: 15,000 Points

*Knock* *Knock* Elisa knocks on the door to Alex's room. "Young Master, The Hot Spring has been readied!"


Running out of the room in his pajamas, Alex held Elisa's hand as he started skipping and soon followed Elisa.

"Elisa, what is the schedule for today?"

"Young Master has to attend the Auction House at noon. Then, Young Master has his afternoon to evening Alchemy session with Miss Alexandra. That would be all for today." Elisa replied.

"Elisa, extend our visit to the Auction House, I would like to watch the Auction."

"I will inform Miss Alexandra of the circumstances"

'I need to get stronger. It's taking too long even with auto cultivation on 24/7 and pills on to of that.' Alex thought as he knew that he was too weak as of now to kill that dog shit Emperor.

For the past 4 years, Alex has been learning Alchemy and creating pills which his Mother has taught him. Along with pills, Alex has been harvesting the bottom half of the mountain of Flowers & Fruits and using the herbs to make more pills to increase his Alchemy level.

The Mountain of Flowers & Fruits might be treasured and harvested for its endless rare herbs but, the fruits are the real treasure of the mountain.

- - - - - - - - - - -

3 Years Ago, In The Mountain Of Flowers & Fruits Dimension

*Pant* *Pant* "Shit!... I don't think...I will ever reach the top, even in a million years!"

*Pant* "HUH?!" Alex looked in front of him to see:

"Fruit Trees?! I have only seen herbs so far, this is the first for fruits."

"Let's check them with God's Eyes."

As soon as he activated God's Eyes his eyes turned white and he scanned all the fruits one by one.

Starting with the Silver Fruits which looked like strawberries.

[Titanium Strawberries]

-Help's one's Body Cultivation

-Only consume 10 per day. After the tenth one, there will be no gain in one's body cultivation.

-[1,000 exp]

Next, Alex saw a fruit that looked like a Golden Apple.

[Golden Apple]

-Help's one's Body Cultivation

-Only consume 1 per day.
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-[10,000 exp]

A Blue Banana?!

[Sapphire Banana]

-Help's one's Body Cultivation

-Only consume 1 per day.

-[10,000 exp]

Pink Peach?!

[Magenta Peach]

-Body Cultivation

-2 per day

-[5,000 exp]

Red Avocado huh?


-Body Cultivation

-1 per day

-[10,000 exp]

- - - - - - - - - -

"WooW! I might be dreaming but these fruits are mad OP!"

"It'll be useful not only for me but mother and the other Maids."

The Maids of the house are not cultivators, so they have troubled themselves with manual labor which could get heavy and hard for them to do, which could lead to injuries. So having them eat these fruits and increase their body cultivation could take a load off their burden.

Alex is very grateful for the maids, as they have taken care of him and his future to be wife Alexandra and haven't mistreated Alex because he was an orphan.

"How can I cover how I obtained these without getting people suspicious?"

'System help a brother out with this!'

[The System Recommends The Host To Use The Elemental Ability Of Earth To Grow The Fruit Trees In The Mortal World]

'How fast will the trees grow using this method in the mansion garden?'

[The Abundance Of Spiritual Energy Around The Mansion Will Help The Host Grow The Trees to Bloom In Approximately 30 seconds]

"30 seconds?! Holy Shit! I was expecting it to take a few days at best but a couple of seconds is like a miracle."

[The Host's Talent In The Earth Element Is Extraordinary!]

'Gee, You flatter me too much! (Keep the compliments coming, I love it)'

- - - - - - - - - -

After going through all his morning routine, Alex went to watch and learn from his Mother as she made different Grade Pills for the Auction House. After she finished making a batch of pills Alex asked her.

"MOM! Can you come and see me practice! I want to show you something new!"

"Okay Darling, I will come and watch after I take a bath." Alexandra was sweating all over after making all those pills and needed to wash up.

Leaving to the Courtyard Alex thought: 'I should practice a little, I don't want to fail in front of mother.' Alex couldn't fail Showing Off his new ability, especially to his mother who he was trying to slowly woo and more importantly due to his Pride he still had from back on Earth.

Placing down the extracted seeds of the fruits in the soil he spaced them out evenly and surrounded the back and sides of the grave of his Birth Mother, while he took some seeds and placed them far back towards the walls and tested.

After testing that they actually grew and checking with God's Eyes that it had the same effects as back on the mountain.

"I guess it's time to Show Off a little and profit a lot" Alex whispered to himself as a smile was glued on his face.


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