The Sovereign System
13 Flash Back Part 2
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The Sovereign System
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13 Flash Back Part 2

Alex had gathered all the maid of the house as his mother finished with her bath. He did all this not only Show Off but achieve his objective in all this, mainly to have the maids eat these fruits. Even though they may be mortals, these fruits still have an effect on them as they gain a portion of the strength given out by the fruits.

"Good Evening Mother, Mother looks as beautiful as ever!" Greeting his mother with a smile, Alex sees her confused expression.

"Alex, what is happening? Why have you invited all the maid to watch a training session?" Alexandra asks while looking at the beloved son of hers.

Responding immediately: "I would like them to witness and take part in this session!"

'Take Part? What's he planning to do with the maids?' Thought Alexandra as she tilted her head slightly.

"I would like to start! Please pay careful attention as this one is a special trick!"

Alex then used Elemental Wind as he elegantly lifted himself off the ground.

'What will Young Master show us?'

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'I can't wait to see the Young Master's new ability!'

Making sure that he was in the range of the seeds, He started using his Earth Energy.

Suddenly, beautiful green energy full of life flowed down from Alex's hands, completely surrounding the seeds and the people who were watching.

'Guess, I was too cautious and made the range bigger than I wanted. Well, Whatever! It looks dope!'

'It feels so nice and warm, like its hugging me.'

'Omg, My skin feels refreshed and smoother!'

'I don't feel my back pain anymore?! Is Young Master Healing us?'

Alex not being fully knowledgeable of his own abilities, the Elemental Powers he used was full of life and had a high-level healing effect on people. This effect was on full blast as it healed all the maids.

'Did Darling learn Healing? WoW! All my fatigue is gone!' Alexandra thought as she smiled.

Alex was confused by their reactions as they started felling themselves and became all happy.

'What's wrong with all of them, Am I that attractive?! They probably noticed my Manly appeal just now!'

As he finished his train of thought, the seeds started to bloom and grow.

Noticing the growing trees in front of them, Alexandra and the maids were captivated by the speed at which the strange colored trees were growing. Even though it was considerably slower than Earth Element Cultivators which could grow trees in an instant, Alex was only five while those Earth Elemental Cultivators she knew were in their late 20's. There was no way to compare Alex to anyone else because they haven't seen someone like Alex ever before.

The Trees grew majestically giving off powerful auras as one by one the fruits began to ripe.


'Didn't the Young Master want to show us his Healing Ability?'

Everyone tilted their heads slightly as they tried to understand Alex's purpose.

'These strange colored fruits have Spiritual Energy?! Amazing! These fruits are like Divine Fruits form the legends!'

Only Alexandra understood what these fruits were, and how valuable they are. She was yet again amazed by her son, almost convinced he was sent from the heavens.

Alex, on the other hand, was enjoying himself in the amount of SP he was getting.

[Congradulations Host For Showing Off...Rewarding 20 SP]

[Congradulations Host For Showing Off...Rewarding 30 SP]

[Congradulations Host For Showing Off...Rewarding 30 SP]



Alex almost going crazy bathing in all the wonderful notifications.

Alex came back to his senses as he knew: 'I could still earn more, be patient and the rewards will double!'. Licking his lips he started descending from the sky like an Angel.

Alexandra caught Alex and embraced him lovingly as she was had no words to express how she felt.

Alex hugged her as he felt his heart drumming away. Soon he left and looked around.

"In the behalf of all the maids, Thank you, Young Master, for healing us. Young Master is truly generous and magnanimous."

'Heal?! When did I do that? I can't tell them that it was not what I planned to do, can I?'

"It is my honor to be of help. More importantly, look at the Fruit Trees that have Bloomed." Alex said while pointing at the trees.

At first look, they noticed the strange colors of the fruits. After taking a fresh breath of air they looked intoxicated by the wonderful scent of the trees.

"Such an amazing scent, it's lovely."

Alex got used to this scent while he examined the tree in the mountain but he knew how amazing it truly is. But the scent wasn't all that the trees offered, it even freshened the air and gathered Spiritual Energy from outside the mansion making cultivation 2x faster and more efficient than outside.

Alex had already planned to grow these all around the Mansion to gather even more Spiritual Energy and gain all the other benefits from them. He especially wanted them next to the Hot Spring and his mother's personal bath so it would add to the pleasantness.

Walking up to the trees and picking a single fruit from each Alex wanted to show off the effects of the fruits.

"Mother, I wanted to test the effects of eating these fruits."

"Don't worry, I will test it for poison and other harmful effects before giving it to the maids." As soon as he finished he took a bite out of one of the fruits.

"No! Don't! It might be poisonous!" Alexandra said a second too late, as Alex was already enjoying the taste of the Peach in his mouth.

*Gulp* "No Poison in the Peach!"

Hearing that there was no poison Alexandra's tightened chest loosened up as she sighed


"Alex don't scare mama like that!" Alexandra got mad.

"I'm sorry"

After checking all the fruits for poison and such. Alex's Body Cultivation rose by one stage.

"Mother, If you could check my cultivation for any changes". Alex wanting to show off the effects of the fruits to his mother Alexandra.

Alexandra quickly checks his cultivation for changes and notice that his body cultivation has risen a stage.

"Congratulations Darling! Your body cultivation has risen a stage after eating the fruits!" Alexandra ran to hug him.

All the maids were surprised by this and started clapping and complimenting the Young Master for his achievement.

Pulling away from her, Alex asks: "Mother, could we give these fruits to the maids to eat as well? I wanted to thank them for all their hard work and help take a load off their backs with these fruits".

Alexandra began to tear up seeing that her child cared so much about other people and wanted to help them as much as he could.

"Yes, darling! You can do anything with them, as long as you promise me that you will never change. My loving child. Always be grateful to the people around you. Treat them as you would like to be treated."

After having their moment, Alexandra order for a feast and the maids quickly got to work. Alex helped with picking the fruits as a smile never left his face for the rest of the day. Having a huge feast with the maids all included, they celebrated the night away.


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