The Sovereign System
14 Auction House Part 1
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The Sovereign System
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14 Auction House Part 1

After the big feast, the Fruits that Alex grew were taken to get appraised by Rebecca in the auction house where she confirmed the effects of the fruits. Alex told her that they could auction the fruits in their name as he didn't want to stir up trouble for himself. He also insisted that they would share the money 50/50 between the auction and himself. From then on, he would deliver a batch of 12 per each fruit to a total of 60 fruits in a storage ring to Rebecca each month.

Along with the fruits, Alex would deliver the batches of pills he and his Mother make at home. While Alexandra created the High-Grade Pills, Alex worked on the Low-Grade ones. This cut his mothers work in half as her beloved son helped her. But Alex helped out for another reason besides helping his mother, he could gain exp for his Alchemy Occupation and become a better Alchemist.

As of now, Alex is seven and his Alchemy is of the 3rd Grade which means he could create 3rd Grade pills with 100% success rate with the help of the system. This was never before seen as his own mother who was proclaimed a genius Alchemist reached the 3rd Grade when she was 16. However, Alexandra currently is a 6th Grade Alchemist.

- - - - - - - - - - -

"Young Master! The Carriage has been prepared. Let us leave right away, the Auction will start at Noon. We must arrive before then."

Elisa has grown a lot more beautiful and looks more like a princess than a maid. She has grown taller as now she is 12 years old.

"Elisa wear this!" Alex showed Elisa a beautiful white ribbon tie sleeveless dress. He also showed her a black high heel with a ribbon that ties slightly above the ankles.

"I heard lords all over the 5 continents are coming to the Auction today. I can't have such a beauty go in a maids outfit."

Elisa nodded as she looked eager to wear the dress.

Another thing that has changed in the mansion is that the maids don't decline gifts and being spoiled by their Masters. This helped Alex get more SP because when they declined before he wouldn't earn any SP, but now it's no issue.

While handing over the dress and shoes to Elisa:

"Elisa, when we get there you must refrain from calling me Young Master, just call me Alex" Alex tells her then smiles.

"But...Okay, only for today...promise!" Elisa realized what Alex has said is true and agreed with her condition.

"I promise!"

Elisa wore the whole outfit and showed it off to Alex.

"How does it look!"

"Elisa, My Fairy Angel! Your beauty would cause any man to fall head or heels in love". Alex said with a pleased expression as he checked her out.

"Young Master, Don't you think its too short". Elisa said this due to the dress only going down to the knees.

"It's Perfect My Angel, now lets get going."

Elisa blushed even more as compliments flew at her at light speed.

- - - - - - - - -

The Auction House now is not the same as it was when Alex had his Awakening Ceremony. Due to the monopoly of Divine Fruits, they had a lot more people coming to the auctions especially from the other continents. So much so that they had to reconstruct the Auction House and make it bigger. The Auction House currently has 5 floors and is the size of The Staple Center. Even though the construction cost was 10,000,000 gold this was like a drop in the bucket, as a single Golden Apple went for 2 Mid-Grade Spiritual Stones or more, which is equivalent to 20,000 gold. They would make all their gold back in a single Auction just with their Divine Fruits and Pills which could go for hundreds of thousands.

Reaching the Auction House

The Carriage stopped right in front of the Private VIP Entrance to the Auction house. The guards seeing the Emblem of the Rager Family on the carriage were startled as they fixed their postures and were ready to greet whoever came out.

The Other VIP's from different Continents were confused by what was happening. The workers of the Auction were carrying a red carpet and laying it down on the floor reaching the carriage door.

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They all looked at the carriage Emblem as they recognized that it was of the Rager Family.

'It's really the Rager Family?!'

'It must be Miss Alexandra coming!'

'I didn't think Miss Alexandra would personally make an appearance.'

All the VIP's thought Alexandra was in the Carriage, as so they made way standing on both sides of the carpet standing elegantly in their Suits and Dresses. Even the arrogant Young Master of different continents fixed their postures and suits because they wouldn't dare to offend Miss Alexandra.

They were even more convinced that it was Miss Alexandra as Rebecca and Leila walked down the stairs and waited on the other end of the carpet facing the Carriage. However, they knew that Alex and Elisa were the ones coming so they were pretty chill.

The door of the Carriage was opened by one of the Auction maids as Alex walked out first.


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