The Sovereign System
16 Auction House Part 3
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The Sovereign System
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16 Auction House Part 3

[Congradulations Host For Earning 7,000 SP]

[The System Has Seen The Superior Power The Host Has Shown Off, For Excellently Showing Off The Host Has Been Rewarded With A Small Show Off Gift Bag!]

'Nice! Very Well. It was a really good idea to stay here to watch the Auction.'

"Let's take the elevator up!" Leila skipping in front of the two.

When the reconstruction of the Auction House happened they not only made it bigger but more technologically advanced than before. Hiring Carpenters from the Sun & Moon Continent with Alexandra's connects. The Sun & Moon Continent was the most Technologically Advanced across the whole Mortal World. The Carpenters build 2 huge elevators which were powered with an electric generator each, along with many other technologies to the Auction House.

These generators used One Spiritual Elemental Stone each and were to be replaced every 10 years as they will lose all their energy by then. These were the same stones which were used to power all the electricity in Alexandra's Mansion.

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'System! I want one of those Power Ranger rings!'

[The System Doesn't Sell Power Ranger Rings!]

'.....' Alex almost cried hearing that the system that can do whatever couldn't make him a Power Ranger.

[The Host Will Become Much Cooler Than The Power Rangers In The Future! At least I Hope]

'TF! Who's side are u on?! Get me one Heavenly Harem Ring Now!'

[Heavenly Harem Ring]

[Quantity: 1]

[Cost: 20,000 SP]

[Please Confirm Your Purchase]


Alex gritted his teeth as all his hard earned SP goes down the drain.


[Purchase Confirmed]

'What a thief!' Irritated by the price, Alex officially entered SP poverty.

What was there to buy with 3,000 SP, It was like going into a shop only to look around and not buy anything.

"Wait Up! Leila! Elisa! Don't let it close on your...boyfriend" By the time Alex reached the Elevator it closed and started ascending towards the sixth floor.

'SHIT! Karma's a little ****'

- - - - - - - - -

Waiting for an elevator to come back down to the first floor, Alex spots someone familiar in the corner of his eye and a smirk went up as he entered an elevator.


'He's here! Finally, that Little Dragon Emperor is here!'

The Auction House is structured so that the common people who watch could occupy the first two floors with a seat cost between 50 silver - 10 gold. The Auction has a social hierarchy where the rich and wealthy are placed higher up and common citizens lower towards the ground. The third, fourth and fifth floors are for Nobility and Highly Esteemed Leaders. While the sixth floor is only for the Masters of the Auction, these include The Rager Family (The Owners), and The Frederick Family (Leila, Rebecca, General Frederick, etc.). These two families are not blood-related but have a very very long history.

The elevator does not go straight to the sixth floor due to logical reasons. To get to the sixth floor one must go by foot from the fifth floor up some of the grandest stairs. Along with passing multiple security measures. (The place is Impregnable)

'System, Get me a bottle of your finest Whiskey! I need to enjoy my revenge!'

[That Will Be 2,000 SP]

'Fuck! You're robbing me in Broad Daylight! Whatever I'm broke anyways!'

Staggering into the room overlooking the whole Auction, Alex was drunk AF.

Leila, Elisa, and Rebecca all froze looking at Alex with a short heavy glass in one hand and the other supporting himself on the door handle. Clothes messy as well as his hair. Alex radiated a sexy aura as he stood there looking like a prince.

The girls were just discussing how cool Alex looked back at the dining hall telling all his heroic deeds saving the princess to Rebecca.

'Fucking ****, I forgot this is still the body of a 7-year-old. Then again, this sh*t for 2,000 Sp isn't all too bad!'

Elisa ran to support her mans

"Alex, What happened?! Did those brother's from Phenoix Continent do this! I'm sorry, I should have gone. If I had gone...."

*Kiss* Cutting her bullshit off because there was no way Alex would get beating up by those Bird People.

"You look so cute...worrying about me! I just...Don't worry...they wouldn't dare."

Rebecca heard Alex and sighed in relief. She walked to support him but took interest in the aroma from the whiskey and took it instead.

"Alex, what is this?"

Still intoxicated, Alex answered: "That's whiskey!... Super Strong!" Alex didn't even finish his second glass.

Rebecca has never heard of whiskey in all of her life; that's because it doesn't exist in this world.

'Whiskey? It's definitely strange. It Wouldn't harm if I took a sip or two.'

Taking a sip of the whiskey she instantly felt the sweet, mellow, rich flavor. Without realizing she had finished what was left of the whiskey in the glass.

Though it was strong, Rebecca was a heavy drinker, so she wouldn't get drunk with that little sample of whiskey. She enjoyed it and felt jubilant as she craved for more.

'ahh, that was really good'. Thought Rebecca licking her lips.


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