The Sovereign System
18 Little Dragon Emperor
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The Sovereign System
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18 Little Dragon Emperor


Alex and Rebecca downed their glass full of Whiskey as the Auction got underway again.

"ahh! This is the best!"

"Sister, Shouldn't we give our VIP's some also. As they are very precious to us."

Rebecca was hesitant as to give away her alcohol but thought about who her guests were and gave up on hogging all of it.

"Why not? Diana! Please serve a glass of this Whiskey to all the VIP rooms."

Alex was scheming big time as he would get the opportunity to serve a "special" glass of Whiskey to the Dragon Emperor.

"Sister, let me show our gratitude and serve some too. I will go down personally to the Emperor and thank him for his time."

"Okay. Please do so."

Rebecca didn't know he was scheming so she easily let him.

'Now's the time to act!... System! Give me a Laxative Pill that would make the Emperor defecate himself instantly.'

[The Host Should Purchase The Defication Pill For 500 SP]

[The Effects Are As Desired; It Will Take Effect ASAP]

'Perfect! Purchase!'

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Walking down to the fifth floor; Alex was all smiles as he mixed the Laxative Pill into the Whiskey.

The Room to the Emperor was blocked by two Peak Saint guards. Seeing these guards; Alex was unfazed as he walked towards them confidently.

"Stop! Identify Yourself!"

"How rude of me. I'm Alex Rager, I would like to offer the Emperor a drink."

"Please...Please Excuse my rudeness! Don't mind us."

'Holy Shit! I'm screwed if I offended him!' The guard was scared shitless thinking about what would happen.
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"Thank You"

Alex bowed his head lightly as he entered the room.

"Who dares disturb me? I will have your whole family killed!"

"My Apologies! It's rude of me to disturb you. I'm Alex Rager."

'What a dickhead! Ur lucky I didn't kill you yet!' Alex restrained himself as he ignored his threats.

"No, No! It's me who's at fault! I said something I shouldn't. Please come in!" The Emperor did a 180 as even he knew not to mess with Alex in his territory.

"Thank You! I have brought a special liquor to show our gratitude."

'This fatass will definitely regret what he said'

Alex entered the VIP room and saw three fine women on the sofa and the Emperor standing with only a robe on.


"It is truly my honor to attend such a grand Auction" The Emperor tries to sweet talk himself out of the terrible first impression he made.

"I hope you have been enjoying your stay. Now then! To celebrate; please have a drink!

Alex then took out a glass of Whiskey he had "specially made".

"I hope our finest Liquor is to your taste!" He offered the glass with a smile on his face.



The Emperor walked up and took the glass; chugging it all down.

'God! What universe is this fatso from! He sounds like King Kong when he walks!'

'How fat does one need to be to stomp and shake the whole building!'

The Emperor was delighted by the taste as he became an addict.

'I guess there's no need to hide the evidence now that you drank it all.'

Alex kept giving the Emperor more and more Whiskey as he knew the Laxative would take effect anytime soon.

"Emperor, too much of something good is a bad thing! We should drink in moderation."

"A little more should be no issue for me, I am the Emperor."

The Emperor was spoiled AF as he got everything he wanted whenever he wanted it. Using his power and authority to mess with other peoples lives.

After a couple of more drinks, the Laxative began to take effect as the Emperor stopped drinking and held his stomach.

"Are you okay? Please call a doctor! The Emperor Drank too much!"

"Uuugghhh!" Shit came out with no sign of stopping. The whole Auction House heard him as confusion arose within.

'TF! What a Pig! How much did u eat?!'

All the women on the sofa started running out to get a doctor but they also saw Alex's wink signaling them to not. Following his order; they just left without informing the doctors. The guards ignored them as this was a regular occurrence, but they didn't know what happened inside.

Alex just watched the Emperor shit himself and the smell started to spread. Alex opened the huge one-way glass as all the smell escape and everyone started covering their noses. Spreading throughout most of the venue; everyone looked at the room on the fifth floor.

They only saw the Emperor of the Dragon Continent shiting himself. The whole Auction stopped because of this commotion.

"Uuugghhhh!" Another noise came from the Emperor as he shat himself some more.

Alex left as soon as the window started to open. He wanted no part in his humiliation. He said farewell to the guards and gifted them a Golden Apple as he walked out. He had the whole Whiskey bottle his hand; drinking straight from the bottle and enjoying the sound of all the people laughing and ridiculing the Emperor.

"Hahaha. This is just the beginning. I'll make you wish you were dead. Fat Bitch"


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