The Sovereign System
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The Sovereign System
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"We Will Resume The Auction Shortly! Please Be Patient!"

The Dragon Emperor left the Auction House as he couldn't afford to lose more face in front of the other Emperors. The other Emperor's were already laughing their asses off; if the Dragon Emperor knew of this he would commit *die* out of embarrassment.

- - - - - - - - - - - -


"Did you see the FAT PIG?"

"I would have killed myself if I were in his position! Hahahaha!"

The Phoenix Emperor had animosity with the Dragon Emperor so as all the other Emperors. The Dragon Emperor was a "frog in the well"; naive and unrefined.



"Emperor, We have found the two princes." The Phoenix Emperor's advisor was sent to find the trash Alex had recycled earlier.

"Hahaha! Don't just stand outside! Bring them!"


The advisor readied himself for what the Emperor might say; ordering the guards to bring the two stretchers inside. Both of them were crippled and their bodies distorted in ways that shouldn't be humanly possible.

The Emperor's eyes almost left their sockets as his sons got carried in and placed on the sofa. Not saying a word; the Emperor stared his advisor down wanting an explanation.

"Your Highness, please let me explain!" He looked up after to see that the Emperor taking a seat on the sofa beside his sons.

"Go On!"

"To my understanding based on the intel gathered from the witnesses, the Princes were at the VIP Dining Hall when it all took place. They got into a skirmish with Alex Rager the Child Prodigy of Miss Alexandra. They requested for a lady that was brought by him."

"Get to the point; I want to know who started this." The Emperor was displeased.

"I was told the Princes forcefully tried to take the lady and Alex Rager stepped in when they put their hands on the lady. Your Highness; please think this through."

"I know, I know" The Emperor clearly seemed disappointed as he thought:

'Damn it all. Why Today? The 2 of the Prodigies of my nation. I can't even ask them for compensation for their injuries. Not even retaliate! Miss Alexandra and the Auction House has gained unfathomable power over these few years. It's not something I could offend. Damn it all.'

The Emperor was in no position to do anything about it then curse the heavens for his family has 2 cripples now.

"Remind me when the Auction is over; I need to go apologies on the behalf of my crippled sons."

"I will arrange a meeting right away"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"1 Mid-Grade Stone!"

"1 Mid-Grade and 2 Low-Grade Stones!"

"1 Mid-Grade and 5 Low-Grade Stones!"

"2 Mid-Grade Stones!"

"1...2...3...Sold! The Divine LavaCado goes to the Sun & Moon Empress for 2 Mid-Grade Spiritual Stones!"

The Auction went on in this fashion as the various Elites bid to get their hands on the Divine Fruits.

Everything went as expected until the last Divine Fruit:

The Next And Last Divine Fruit To Be Auctioned Is The Divine LavaCado!

"Hell Yeah"

"Let's get it rolling already"

"I heard the last divine fruit makes all the nobles go in a frenzy"

"It's true! At the last Auction, the nobles fought for the last Divine Fruit like a bunch of hungry wolves."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

'shut the f**k up' thought Alex who was in the middle of celebrating his victory.

I wonder if the recycled garbage got picked up yet. Well, whatever.

I'll just have to wait and see what they do about it.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

On a 3rd floor VIP Room, an old man and a young girl sat in waiting.

"Old Man! When are u gonna start bidding? We came to investigate these Divine Fruits not to watch a bunch of pigs show off."

"You better bid everything u got or it will be your life!"

"Young Miss, no need to rush, the show only starts now."

"I don't care whether u give ur life or money, just get that fruit old man."

"Miss, I'll be back in a sec"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Beautiful Auction Lady: "The Next And Last Divine Fruit. Which Of Our Guest Will Be Lucky Enough To Take Home This Majestic Miracle!"

Another Beautiful Lady Whispers: "#@#%#@#$$##%&%%$##" Then walks backstage again.
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"I am sorry to announce that the last Divine Fruit has been postponed to the end of the Auction. To make it up to our dear guests the starting bid will be zero and anyone can bid!

Thank You For Your Patience!"

After the announcement was made the other rare and precious items were readied for auction.

Still, there was trouble:

The Masters Room



"Miss Rebecca, The last Divine Fruit has been robbed"

Rebecca showed confusion

"How could it be robbed?!?!"

"We don't know either, there was no trace of anyone suspicious being anywhere near the safe, almost as if it disappeared into thin air."

"Bring Alex here immediately"

"Yo, wassup! Calling for me"

Alex walked in as they were discussing the situation without a clue of what's going on. Still, this crackhead of an Alex understood the situation was grave from the vibes he got once he entered the room.

"Alex! Perfect timing, we got some trouble in our hands right now. The last Divine Fruit has been robbed."

"Robbed! Hahaha!…...U serious."

Alex couldn't help but laugh as he had never thought in a million years he would ever be robbed in this life.

"Yes, I'm serious! Now, what should we do."

"I could fix this issue but first, could you tell me more about this robbery."

Rebecca had the Auction Lady explain him the situation.

A few moments later.

"Hahaha! It disappeared into thin air u say! Now that's an interesting story!"

Alex then took out a LavaCado from his inventory and tossed it to the Lady.


"You can go now"

"Alex your truly a lifesaver" Rebecca embraced him as her troubles went away.

"Don't worry, I can't let this hiccups mess up everything. However, I'm really interested in this crook of ours, I wouldn't want another sneak attack would I now."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Our Next Item Will Be An Ancient Sword. The Starting Price Will Be...."

"Young Miss, I'm Back"

"I hope you didn't come empty-handed."

This Young Miss who we don't have a name for yet knows very well that the commotion about the last Divine Fruit was caused by the Old Man who we also don't have a name for yet.

"Indeed, I have retrieved the last Divine Fruit. Young Miss, would you mind if we have a snack."

"Yes we could, but unfortunately, U aren't included in this " we" I'm talking about. it's only me, myself, and I. Got it, old man, you can have the one that they replace for the one u took from them."

"Such a naive child."

"Whatcha say Old Socks?"

"Please learn to be more grateful and to share Young Miss."

"Yeah Yeah, Now give me that fruit!"

"As you wish"

Old Man Rivers gave up the Divine Fruit but not his hope of ever getting a taste of it.


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