The Sovereign System
20 Old Man Rivers
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The Sovereign System
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20 Old Man Rivers

Our Final Item Of This Evening Before The Last Divine Fruit. It's a Cursed Dagger Unlike Any Other. It's Embedded With Ancient Ruins We Have No Insight On. Perfect Addition For One's Collection, But Beware That It Holds A Curse. "If Thou Cannot Harness The Power, Thou Will Become Harnessed". Nonetheless, the weapon is unclassified as of now but it could be a God tier weapon or even better. With All That Said, The Starting Price Will Be 1 High-Grade Spirit Stone.

"1 High-Grade Spirit Stone!"

The voice came from a young blonde man in a 3rd floor VIP room. While another young man from a different 3rd floor VIP room also bid his share.

"1 High-Grade and 2 Mid-Grade Spirit Stones!"

"I'll take it as a souvenir for one of my wives!"

The Blonde Young Master didn't take this lightly as he fired back. However, the other young master wasn't about to let this slide.

"Not so fast little brother, I fancied this dagger the moment I saw it. Would you do me a favor and let this big brother have it."

"Brother!...Maybe some other time."

"2 High-Grade Spirit Stones!"

The Blonde Young Master bid again as their pride won't let them give up in the middle of the fight.

"Little brother is very naive, but my Clare family is forgiving. You should stop before this becomes a bigger issue."
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"2 High-Grade and 5 Mid-Grade Spirit Stones!"

"4 High-Grade Spirit Stones!"

"How dare you disrespect my Clare family?!"

The Blonde Young Master became enraged as his bid almost got doubled by his opposition.

The Richy Young Master was ready to start a war anytime as the fight hit its climax.

"I don't give a F**k about you...or your Clare Family! How dare you threaten My Bloodlust family?! Your Clare family can come to beg on their knees...I still won't give it!"

They looked at each other with murderous intent. As they were seconds away from eating each other alive.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

5th Floor Masters Room

"Hahaha...Interesting. Very Interesting."

Alex watched the two fight as he sat next to Rebecca, drinking his whiskey.

'Let's see if any of you have the balls to start a fight with me.'


'That should get on their nerves, being able to do nothing about the unwinnable situation. Maybe this will turn out good and I get to turn one or both into minced meat.'

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"10 High-Grade Spirit Stones!"

Everyone went silent once again, even the two young men who were fighting stopped. Shock as the item they were fighting forgot taken by an outsider.

The young man from the Bloodlust family looks to where the voice came from as the rest followed suit.

'It came from the 5th floor.'

'Things are bad enough already. Why? Why did they have to do this? They probably have better items in their inventory. Why?'

Both the Young Masters turned their hatred towards Alex as they both had to walk away with their tails between their legs.

The voice they all heard came from the Master's Room on the 5th and highest floor.

10 High-Grade Spirit Stones. An amount equivalent to a million Gold. Only the truly rich can have the luxury to spend such a fortune on a whim.

'I guess they threw away their family pride to save themselves from getting fried and turned into dog food.'

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


[Congradulation Host For Showing Off...Rewarding 10 SP]


[Congradulation Host For Showing Off...Rewarding 15 SP]


[Congradulation Host For Showing Off...Rewarding 30 SP]


[Congradulation Host For Showing Off...Rewarding 100 SP]


The notifications went on with no sign of stopping.

"10 High-Grade Spirit Stones going once... twice...sold."

"Was it the young master of the Rager Family who bid?"

"If my ears don't lie it sounded like a little kid's voice."

(Bla Bla Bla)

The Auction ended with the last Divine fruit; The Lavacado selling for 2 High-Grade Spirit Stones.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

After the Auction ended Alex went to get more information about the dagger he purchased from its owners.



"come in!"

The Young Miss and Old Man Rivers were lounging on the sofa as Alex walked into their room.

"So it's Prince Alex Rager, I think we both know why your here, please take a seat."

"I appreciate the welcome"

"I'll get straight to the point, I want you to dispell the curse."

"Just as I thought...hmmm"

"There's no rush, why don't we have a drink first"

Alex then took out his whiskey and poured it into 3 wine glasses on the table.

"Please have a drink"

"Wait, Miss...There's something on your top lip, let me get it for you."

Alex wiped that something off the Miss's lip and tasted it.

'Found You...thief'

"What are you doing!... I mean...umm."

The Young Miss's mask broke as her true personality came forth.

"I'm sorry, it was impolite of me. It's just, there was something on your cute face and I didn't want it to ruin your beauty."

'Cute...He called me Cute...Ahhhhhh, this must be a dream. I gotta have him as my husband. No! He WILL be MINE.'

'System buy two high-grade limiter capsule and dissolve them into their drinks.'

[Two High-Grade Limiter Capsules Will Cost 50,000 SP]



[Task Completed]

"Please have a drink, we'll discuss after."

'I don't think I need to keep my guard up against him, he doesn't seem to have ill intents.'

Old Man Rivers dropped his suspicions about Alex and so did the Young Miss.


Alex downed his share at once while the other two slowly sipped away their share.

"Now, let's get down to business. I got another question to ask: What business does an elder and princess of the Demon race have in my Auction house?"


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