The Sovereign System
21 Tired Of Being Patien
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The Sovereign System
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21 Tired Of Being Patien

The Demon Race

A noble race that has existed for who knows how long. They are born Superior to humans in every way but their birth rate is their weakness. They inhabit the Demonic Realm so as to not interfere with humanity in the Mortal Realm. Their enemy has always been the Gods in the Heavenly Realm and they have used the Mortal Realm as fighting ground for millenniums.

These demons are the ones who created the Demon Beasts; an overpopulated race of demons who have no consciousness. Due to the overpopulation of these monsters, the Supreme Demon sent them to the mortal world. Demons are classified as such:

Supreme Demon ▶ High Demon ▶ Demon General ▶ Demon Worrier ▶ Demonfolk ▶ Demonic Beast

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Flash Back To When Alex Entered The Room

'Let's see what kind of people could bring such an exquisite item to our mortal plains.'

Alex used his God's Eye ability the moment his eyes meet the two figures in the room.

' An Elderly + A Young Girl '

*Starting with the Young Miss*


Name: Rosie Claus

Age: 13

Purity: Virgin

Inner Cultivation: Saint Stage 3

Body Cultivation: Saint Stage 3

Race: High Demon

The Young Miss was a pretty girl with black wavy hair, crimson eyes, a petite figure. She had cherry lips which complimented her white skin. Wearing a cute black dress paired up with black fishnet leggings, red heels, and a red bow tie on her head.

*Moving on to the Old Man*


Name: Old Man Rivers

Age: 999 (He's definitely an Old Old Man)

Purity: (Definitely Not A Virgin)

Inner Cultivation: Celestial Stage 9

Body Cultivation: Celestial Stage 9

Race: Demon General

The Old Man looked like a flower that hasn't been water in years. He looks prideful as he walked with his head held high...almost too high as if it will roll off his head any moment. He Wore a black overall almost like a reverse Pope.

'I guess we got some visitors'

Alex was determined to get to the bottom of their visit to the Mortal World as it could interfere with his plans. Knowing his limits he made plans to spike their drinks with a Limiter Drug and get his answers that way.

End Of Flash Back

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Old Man Rivers stood and immediately put up his guard as Alex could be a threat to the safety of the two of them. Old Man Rivers wasn't afraid of Alex, not in the slightest. He was afraid of an enemy ambush.

Alex then responded with confidence.

"Pipe down, Old Man Rivers! Ur as powerless as an ant right now. Why should I listen to a weakling like u?"

Old Man Rivers became enraged and tried to release his Spiritual Energy but to no avail. The Limiter Capsule immediately took effect as it dispersed any and all Energy from being gathered in his body.


"Well done Old Man, but what can u do about it? Let me tell u something, I know that ur an all high and mighty Celestial, but, in this room ur as weak as any mortal."

"Now then, we could do this in an orderly manner or..."

Alex paused and took a look at the Young Miss who was drunk and then continue.

"We could be rough and get the princess involved. What do u say?"


Alex took a guess calling her a princess but to his surprised the reaction that came from the Old Man confirmed it.

"I guess u won't stop barking!"

Alex got annoyed of the Old Man's antiques and started getting violent.

Alex took a swing at the Old Man with his Golden Core Physical Strength directed at his jaw.


The Old Man fell to the ground as he just got knocked out clean by a 7-year-old.

"Ha! Stupid!"

"Look what happened to high and mighty, he got his ass handed to him"
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After Alex had his fun, he went and got a chair and tied up the Old Man real good as he made preparations for interrogation.

Alex then noticed that he still needed some way of forcing the Old Man to give him information that would be of use to him instead of a bunch of lies.

Alex looked at the Princess and an idea came to mind. Alex walked up and sat next to her on the sofa.

"Princess, I need your help. I'll do anything you wish."

Intoxicated, the princess opened her eyes and looked into Alex's crimson pink eyes.

"Anything?... I want you!"

Alex looked into her glazed eyes as a flare of lust went off. The princess put her hands on his neck stopping Alex from leaving.

Alex went on top of her as he came closer to close the gap between him and her luscious pink lips.

Taking her breath, Alex went in for a French kiss. Attacking her sweet lips, exploring her tongue as he tastes her sweet saliva.


Rosie (The Princess) hid as this was her first kiss. As their Tongues entwined, Alex took control and natural instincts kicked in and he started cupping her small breasts in his hands and feeling her delicate body as they broke apart from the kiss.




Rosie panted as her eyes full of lust 💗💗 looked into Alex, wanting more.

Alex bit his lips as he got sidetracked from his task.

Seeing blood run down the side of his lips, Rosa licked it off.

💕 Sorry, it's my first time 💕

Alex got pulled into another kiss as Rosie's seductive ways got the better of him.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

10 Minutes Later....

Alex and Rosie made out until Rosie satisfied her lust and got a good feel for these types of intimate interactions. Alex on the other hand, only let loose a little of his lust as he controlled himself.

'I'm having too much fun right now. I should take care of the Old Man before the capsule wears off.'

"Alex, I feel really hot inside."

Rosie had her legs wrapped around Alex's waist and hands around his neck. While Alex was on top of her on the sofa.

"My beautiful princess, let me get u a glass of water and you'll feel better."

Rosie blushed as she let go of Alex.

Alex went to pour a glass full of water and took a look at Old Man River's who was still knocked out.

'Guess I still have some time.'

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -





"What is this water?! It's amazing!"

"It's Sparkling Water. Want some more?"


Alex had many questions he wanted to ask her but none the more important than why they traveled to the Mortal Realm.

'Maybe she may know? Just Maybe.'

"Rosie my beautiful flower, could you tell me what has brought you here to the Auction House?"

"Hm...Those fruits...I came with the old man to investigate those fruits."


"The Old Man told me that we're investigating these fruits cause they appear out of nowhere and they could have a big effect on our superiority as the Demon race."

'It doesn't seem like she is lying. Now that I got what I want...what to do with the Old Man.'


Rosie surprised Alex as she went up and kissed him.

"No more princess! I want u to call me Rosie like u have been. As per our promise, u are mine now."

"How about we change the promise a little. Close ur eyes."

He took out a Harem Ring and put it on her ring finger.

"U can open ur eyes now."

She opens her eyes and immediately noticed the Heavenly Ring on her finger as she stared at it with sparkling eyes.

"It's really pretty...making my heart race."

"Now, ur mine!"


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