The Sovereign System
23 A Sweet & Sour Welcome
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The Sovereign System
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23 A Sweet & Sour Welcome


A grand door slammed open as a middle-aged man rushed in and got on his knees.

"Young Master, I have urgent news to deliver."

"You may speak"

The young man sat on a luxurious chair looking out from a grand window to a utopian modern city.

These two were at the topmost level of a skyscraper made of glass that reached the clouds.

The middle-aged man had cold sweat running down his back as he mustered up the courage to tell the news.

"Young Master, Test subject "Alpha" has gone missing approximately 5 hours ago."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Approximately 5 Hours Prior


The crystal that had Alex's Body inside started to crack and break forming a spider web cracking that looked like it would shatter to the littlest touch.

The crystal was at the center of the Research Facility as it was tested relentlessly for its durability. Researchers worked restlessly to figure out a way to break it and uncover it's secrets as it could be fundamental for the evolution of artifacts and technological advancements for the better of the future.

Not only did they research the crystal but also the entity that was trapped inside it. They observed the entity for the last 5 years as it went through the most crucial changes in its development. They took note of its physical changes but could not get any hold of chemical data as it was trapped inside the indestructible crystal. They knew that the entity was still alive but didn't know how it was possible to be able to be alive with a blunt sword still going through his heart.

They gave this entity codename; 'Handsome'. Whenever women came to observe his condition they couldn't help but blush as the entity was fully naked with no artifacts of clothing except 8 rings on his figures except his thumbs. There wasn't a single woman who hadn't had a wet dream about him after they observed his sexy figure. Women worked extra hours just to stare at his figure and fantasies about him while occasionally pleasing themselves.

He Was Indeed Handsome.

Now getting back to the event happening before us from a different perspective.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

While all this was happening with the crystal almost shattering, it didn't get left unnoticed but it's was the complete opposite. It attracted the attention of those female workers who stayed to 'work overtime' (😉). Nevertheless, they were shocked by such occurrence but didn't show it as they tried to stay calm and examine the situation as calmly as possible.

A woman in the crowd started giving out instructions, "Go call the representative and inform him of the current situation." she was most likely the head scientist in charge.


The crystal shattered into a million pieces.

An immense amount of Spiritual Power was released into the air of the lab as everyone froze, their bodies stopped all movement as it became hard to breathe.

Instinctively all looked towards the source of this scary power. They didn't know if they had just run out of luck or a calamity level disaster had just been born.

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The explosion caused a cloud of smoke to form in the small room which previously contained the crystal. This small space was separate from where the scientist worked. From outside the room, it was impossible to see through the mist.

The suppressing power slowly dissipated as a faint blue light started to appear in the room. The faint light grew brighter and a chirping sound could be heard. The blue light cover what looked like the shape of a human and sharp chirping could be heard as lightning started to be visible from the outside.



A flash of blue light zoomed out as a strong gale of wind blew away everything after it. The scientists were scared shitless while also glad that entity left. The helpless atmosphere also came to ease as they didn't feel the overwhelming pressure anymore.

A couple of hundred miles away. On the roof of a building which seemed to be abandoned was Alex in a miserable state.

Alex had both of his hands on the blade that went through his heart as he applied force to take it out. "ahhh~" He shouted at the top of his lungs to ease his pain. He then used his wood element to heal the huge hole in his heart, completely exhausting his Spiritual Power.

Fifteen Minutes Later

"ha ha ha... Holy Shit I'm back" With that he knocked out on the roof of a house completely naked.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Back To Present

The Young Master kept a calm expression but there was a hint of a little excitement in his eyes.

"Find him and monitor his movements. I advise you to not make any careless moves. You're dismissed."

The middle-aged man left in a hurry to carry out the master's orders. While the Young Master stood up as he peered at the bustling city before him.

"Welcome to my domain. Alex Rager! Ahahaha!!" The Young Master eyes glowed sharply with excitement and a little bit of malice.


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