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The World of the God who Watches
Author :Black_and_White
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1 Prologue

@@I was created by the collective thoughts of other worlds. I don't have a form but I exist. I created this world for my entertainment nothing more nothing less. At first it was just a void then the gods were born. They created the earth, sea and sky. They created the humans, demi-humans, and demons. The elves, dragons and monsters by accident of course.

I watched all of this. Since the beginning to the eventual end of that world and with its end the creation of another. I have seen countless number of demon kings rise and heroes rise to face them. I have seen countless pantheons rise and fall throughout each era and world. Your gods rely on your belief for them to survive. I do not so I have never interfered. I'm interfering now because I have become sick of watching the same story over and over again. Your gods want your kingdom to fall.

They do this by not giving you a sigil princess. Since you are the heir to your kingdom and your culture depends on these sigils. They wanted to cause a rebellion and the collapse of the royal family. They would have let you die so the church could rule your kingdom. For their precious survival. I have decided to give you mine. I believe this could give me a new story to watch. With it comes abilities and knowledge of this world. Use it wisely because I'm always watching.



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