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The World of the God who Watches
Author :Black_and_White
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2 Chapter 1

Today is the day all children with 12 years of age might get a sigil from a god. It is called the God's Chosen Ritual and with a gods sigil you gain the powers of that god. My country has 9 gods. Each representing some part of the world.

My parents have sigils and my grandparents before them had sigils. Every member of the royal family has had a sigil even the illegitimate children have gotten them. It's always the same sigil from the God of Swords and Magic. It's proof that you are a member of the royal family.

I was on my way to the church with my parents. "Are you nervous" my mother asked me. "A little." I replied nervously. "You know I was nervous to when it was my turn to get a sigil." My mother's name is Silerasva. She was apart of the Duaiol Duchy. When she was growing up people said she was the most beautiful women in the kingdom.

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"You'll do fine Aria" my father said. My father was the second prince of the kingdom. The first prince gave up succession and left the country with his girlfriend. Though I never met my uncle he sends me and my father letters every couple months.

When we arrived to the Cathedral. Knights surrounded the church and commoners that are here to witness me receiving a sigil from the gods. A stage was set up in front of the Cathedral so everyone could witness the ritual.

Since we arrived to the Cathedral all I needed to do was walk up stage and wait for the ritual to end. The priests will take care of the rest. My parents were sitting in special seats prepared for royalty with royal guards surrounding the area. A High Priest walked up stage and started the ritual. Usually the ritual would be held inside the Cathedral for commoners and nobility but since I'm royalty my ritual because a national holiday. "I call upon the gods to ask them to select this human before you and bestow upon her your sigil." With this chant done all we have to do is wait.

The gods judge the human for an hour to see if they can receive their sigils. Once the hours over and the human hasn't received a sigil then it is decided that they were unworthy.


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