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The World of the God who Watches
Author :Black_and_White
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3 Chapter 2

An hour had passed and nothing happened. Everyone was silent with surprised looks on their faces. The priest who was suppose to announce the results of the ritual was also silent. He looked surprised and worried about what to do next. It was obvious he didn't want to announce the results of the ritual but he didn't need to it was obvious. I had become the only member of the royal family that had not received sigil from the God of Swords and Magic.

I was going to walk off stage when I became dizzy. I started to stumble before I could take my second step. I saw a look of panic on the priests face before I passed out.
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It is done. Princess Aria is the first possessor of my sigil. Even with all of my worldly knowledge I could only guess what it looks like. They carried her back to the royal castle. I won't do anything for now. All I can do is wait for her to wake up. "What have you done" said the Goddess Eletrodea. "I did what you did." I replied. "And what would that be" "I interfered" her face turned red with rage. "You have no right to interfere with the humans" she said "and you do?" I replied. "You didn't even create them you just happened to be created from the belief of a rebellion, You replaced another pantheon when your rebels won their little war and now your trying to force change, from my point of view you have no right" she was left speechless.

"FUCK YOU" she yelled before storming off back from whence she came. I can't understand why the church presents her as a benevolent goddess. I waited a couple more hours until Aria woke.


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