The secrets of lost city
127 Test passed
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The secrets of lost city
Author :Tusharnegi
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127 Test passed

Edward had realized that if the eight drums didn't have the potential to attack. If Nine Heavy Waves bounced from the drums to come back at Edward, it was because of the power within the attack. If Roaring Thunder bounced from the drums and came back at Edward, it was because of the power of his Roaring Thunder skill.

"The power!" Edward had a bright smile on his face. He suddenly changed the way he was using his sword and each of his attacks became more skillful and elegant. His sword play had become graceful and while each of his movements required unparalleled skill, when used by Edward it seemed as easy as breathing.

GOOONNNG" A deep soul piercing sound was heard and it seemed that the sound echoed through the mountains, each vibration making all those present tremble slightly. It sounded like the gods were marching to battle in the heavens and these were the war drums they played.

Few moments later,

The whole crowd was puzzled. Where did such a loud and terrifying sound come from? They could not think what had caused the sound they had just heard. The Patriarch of the Qin Sect, Nan Gong Ling had chills run down his spine as a light twinkled in his eyes. That was the sound of the drums on the Land of Abyss.

Mo Cang Lan was amazed. His eyes were twinkling as well. He gazed into the distance towards a certain mountain range. There was a precipice in that chain of mountains. On that overhanging cliff, there was a small room with eight drums. The drums there had not emitted a single sound in more than a hundred years.

"GOOOOONNG" Another drum sound was heard as if it was rushing down from beyond the highest heavens.

"That… That's the second drum! Impossible!" Nan Gong Ling could not believe what he has just heard. Right after that, the smile on his face could not be removed. Only the most gifted and the strongest disciples, referred to as geniuses could make the drums emit a sound. They were looking forward to announcing that the Qin Sect had an outstanding disciple, a true genius among geniuses.

Nan Gong Ling could not contain his excitement. It had been more than a hundred years since the beating sound of the drums had been heard. Now he had heard the beating sound of the drums twice.

"I don't know who that disciple is… Unbelievably he was able to pass the test of the Land of Abyss." Said Nan Gong Ling. He was asking himself who had passed the test.

"GOOOOONNNGGG"The third beating sound of the drums spread throughout the sky above the Qin Sect.

That time, almost everyone in the Qin Sect looked at the heavens with a slight fear showing in their eyes, but some of the stronger disciples could somewhat tell the direction the sound was coming from and nothing more.

The strongest disciples knew the sound they were hearing. It had been a long time since they had been so thrilled.

Nan Gong Ling was also staring at the sky. The history of the clan dated back a thousand years… and it had been three hundred years since three beating drum sounds were heard.

"Phewww…" Nan Gong Ling was breathing deeply and struggling to contain his excitement.

The Patriarch of the Sect was so young and yet in his generation he would bring untold glory back to the Sect.


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