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supernatural love story
Author :malumolu
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Piya Min

She was happy till she was 10 year old. She become an orphan when she was 11 year old. Everything changed in just 1 year.

Her father abandoned her and her mother. Liya Min her mother passed away.

She ended up being an orphan.

Now she is 18 year old. she tolerated every thing in this past 7 years. she only have one pendent her mother given her before she die.

Today is a lucky day to her. She got a scholarship in 'Royal' college situated in U-city the capital of country Y.

Today is a big day to her and the members of ' Grace ' orphanage where Piya staying.

She arrived at U- city around 8pm by train.

The station is in a forest area.

Piya is wearing full skirt, top and a jacket.

It's very cold out there.

Piya can see a shop in front of the railway station.

[The shopkeeper can help me to find out the way to the college. Oh god please help me. ]

Piya walked towards the shop.

" Sir can you please tell me the way to ' Royal ' collage? " Piya asked to the shopkeeper.

" If you walks you can reach the college in 3hr." He pointed towards the way.

"3hrs? " Piya was little shocked.

" Yeah, if you wait till morning you will get a bus. "

She scratched her head and said, "I can't wait that long. "

[what should I do now? ]

"Sir is there any shortcut? "

"You can reach the college in 15 minutes, if you go through this forest 🌲"

" Thank you sir. " Piya walked towards the forest.

" But it is very dangerous. " The shopkeeper shouted from back.

"It's okay"

Piya entered to the forest🌲.

She is slowly walking through the forest.

[ Wow, this forest is very beautiful! ].

Suddenly something passed in front of her.

[ What was that? it should be a wind.]

<No it's not a wind. It is a man! who is he?. He is running like a light beam. How can it possible.>

Next morning

Royal College

Three young and modern girls are entering to the college. They are wearing short skirts and Shoulderless tops.

That girls are ' T ' aka Tanu Ambor, Mia Tin and Lia Tin the Tin girls.

Ambor family owns a construction company and Tin's are high officials of Ambor construction.

So of course Mia and Lia are the tales of ' T '.

"Hey 'T' it's our new college year. We are second years now. " Mia said.

Lia : "Yeah babes, you know our seniors are passed out. "

Mia : "Yeah babes. Your enemy and the head couple of our college 'Niao Wen and Dani Li ' are out of the college. If you want to become the part of 'Hot happening couple ' of the college you should officially date the super hot cousin of Dani Li 'Mr. Kin Li'. "

Lia : "Yeah babes. If you date your 'K' officially, that Niao Wen die out of jealous"

'T' : "Okay girls, before the first month of this semester end i will officially become the date of 'K' the super cool and hot boy of our college"

Lia and Mia : "That's right babes"

Lia : " Hey talked about the devil and the devil is here. Look 'K' is here ".

A handsome boy is walking towards them. He is wearing a half open white shirt and blue jeans. He had a charming and warm smile on his face.

<Who is he? >


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