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supernatural love story
Author :malumolu
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< Who is he? >

T: "Hey 'K'. "

'Wow! he is so hot.'

K: "Hey 'T'! how are you? "

He took the water bottle from 'T's hand

"Can I have some water? "

T: "of course"

Small amount of water flow through his half covered chest, while he drink.

T: 'So hot🔥 '

'Okay 'T' bye see you in class"

9pm college gate,

The freshers are entering the college. Two girls are entering.

"Hey 'Tracker' where is Niya? "

" Miss. Lu Min, firstly my name is Ruhi Rui. Niya where are you? yaar! "

Sound of a skating board is coming towards them. Wow that's a girl. She is dressed like boys.

TRACKER: "Hey Niya Mua-ah--"

Niya: " Hey guys, hello miss. Christmas trees "

"What is this Yaar? l want to look gorgeous today. l don't want to become a mafia lady Don like you. "

Min : "Thank god! Niya you came. You know our seniors going to attack us. "

Niya : "Oh, seniors going to attack us! lam scared!. " Niya said Mockingly. "All seniors know who is Niya Wen. If they didn't know they will not forget after today. Let's see who are these seniors. "

Some one dotting them. It's 'T' and her gang.

T: "There she is. The bloody Niya Wen the young sister of Niao Wen. It's payback time girls. "

'T' stopped in front of Niya's gang.

T: "Hello miss Niya Wen". T said provocatively.

Niya : " Hello miss Tanu Ambor. " Mockingly.

T: "Today is your first day of college. we're your seniors you guys should obey us today.

Today you Niya Wen polish my shoes. " T said arrogantly. She took the shawl from hands of 'Tracker' and give that to Niya.

"Okay ma'am. " Niya received the shawl from 'T' put that on 'T's' leg and pressed it with other leg.

"Ahhh! what the f*ck? you little brat". Niya shouted.

" What happened 'T'? you didn't polish your shoes with other leg. If you didn't you should try it. It is really a time saver. "Niya said arrogantly.

"Hey you brat, if you are really a girl do what I am saying. " T said while gritting her teeth.

"What do you want?. "

"Okay, go and slap that bimbo". 'T' said pointing towards Piya who just entered to the college with her heavy luggage.

Niya slowly walked towards Piya.

<Will Niya slap Piya>

<Oh, God help Piya. >


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