supernatural love story
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supernatural love story
Author :malumolu
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Piya was looking for the principal office. Suddenly someone patted on her shoulder. She turned around and smiled to Niya.


Niya slapped Piya!

'T' laughed out loud.

Niya said to Piya with a apologize manner.

"Sorry don't take it personally. It's a part of raging"

Piya shocked for a second.

Next second Piya slapped Niya.

Piya: "You too. Don't take it personally. "

T: "Ouch! ". T did not expect that from Piya.

Niya stunned for a second. In another second she smiled.

Niya: " Hey dude I like you, you are my type.

Hi Iam Niya Wen. "

Piya: "Hi Iam Piya Min. "

Niya: " Nice name. "

Piya: "Thank you".

Suddenly Niya dragged away from there by someone. Oh it's 'K'. What is their relation.

K: " Hey little brat, how is your first day at college? ". K put his hand on Niya's shoulder.

Niya: " Get off me okay ". Niya removed his hand from her shoulder.

'T' is staring at them with a jealous look.

Niya: " When will the big bullies like you stop following me. You can't manhandle me like that because of my idiotic sister and you fool brother in love. 😓"

K: "But you know I love you Niya. "

Niya: " Ufff, I am going to puke blood now. "

K: looking around. "Please 😫🙏🙏💓 about my image at least in college".

Niya; " Oh really, 'K' is cool😎, 'K' is hot🔥. I don't know you are cool or hot. Mr. Casanova, Mr. Cool, blablabla. " mocked.

K: "You officially become my little brat sister if both Dani and Niao became husband and wife. "

Niya: " stop calling me that. "

T: shouted. " Hey 'K' come here. "

Niya staring at 'T'. "I think you forget your garbage over there. " Mocked. "Common 'K' go, common. "

K patted on her head and walked towards 'T'.

Niya turn around and walked towards Piya and said.

Niya: "He is the brother of my brother in law to be. Y*ck."

Piya: "I already understood from your talk. "

Niya: "Actually sorry for that slap. It was a part of raging. "

Suddenly someone passed by the side of them. And he knocked out Piya. She is about fall on ground but Niya suddenly grabbed her hand.

Niya: "Hey watch it man. "

He was wearing a sleeveless 'T-shirt'. We can see a tattoo including a wing of a bat on his shoulder.

Piya looked at him but he is no where. He vanished into thin air.

<Who was he? >

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