supernatural love story
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supernatural love story
Author :malumolu
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Teacher asked 'T' to sit down.

Mrs Lin: "Let's go with one fresher". Pointed towards Piya. " You please stand up. "

Piya: "Hi Iam Piya Min. I am coming from a

orphanage. "

'T' and her gang started to comment her.

T: "I am Piya Min and I am Miss nobody. "

Piya looked down with a sad expression.

Mia: "Y*ck what is she wearing? "

Lia: "Teared jacket. Is it taken from garbage? "

Mrs Lin reached behind them, without anyone noticing and silently heard their comments.

T: "May be she take it from garbage. She is a

orphan. "

Mrs Lin: " 'T' Please stop your nonsense..

Piya is a A+student in our college.

ROYAL is proud to have her. She is

only one student who got full

scholarship including mess and

hostel. "

'T' and her gang gritted their teeth hearing

Mrs Lin's words and Piya regain her usual calmness.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

College hostel

Piya looking tired after the class.

'Today's class over. Which is my room? oh! room number 380.' Piya thought looking at the room key.

"Nice room!. This room is much better than my room in orphanage. " Piya mumbled.

"Hey you fresher. " Suddenly a voice came from the door side. Piya regained her sense.

Two girls are standing in front of the door. They are wearing modern dresses that revealing their body parts.

"Hey fresher don't feel comfortable in this room. This room belongs to me Joanna Lu

the heiress of the Lu family and my family friend Anna Guan. "

Piya stunned for few seconds. She looked at them with a confused expression.

These girls are looking like a true trouble makers and Piya's hostel rivals.

Anna: "This room is a room for six girls.Now

this room belongs to us. " pointing towards Joanna and her self. "Joanna and me

threw them out. Don't feel comfortable

We will also throw you out from this

room. "

The room become silent for a moment. Total pin drop silence.

A voice echoed in the room.

"Hey you bloopers, stop your drama and stay away from her. "

Piya overjoyed by looking the person who entered in to the room.

Piya: "Niya! ".

Joanna and Anna: " Niya Wen. "

They know Niya. She is the younger sister of their mega senior Niao Wen.

Niya: "Hey bloopers, stay away from her. Don't

create problems for her. She is not

the part of your gang. Because she

have brains you guys didn't have. "

Piya: "_ _".

Joanna and Anna: "_ _". They gritted their teeth secretly. But they didn't want to offend her. Because they are aware that she knows their secrets and her father Mr. Peter Wen is a business man who can influence the government officials.

They left the room without offending Niya.

<Who are they? what is their secrets? >


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