supernatural love story
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supernatural love story
Author :malumolu
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Niya and Piya walking through the corridor of hostel.

Niya is worried about Piya.

Niya: "Piya keep a distance from that

bloopers . Their intention is not good. "

Piya: "I will keep one arm distance from them.

Okay. Where are we going?. "

Niya: "Piya shall we do rappeling today. In CON_mountain."

Piya: "Of course not. I am afraid of hight. "

Niya: "Common Piya. please😫🙏🙏💓. " Niya requested showing her puppy eyes.

Piya: "Okay.I will come back after changing. "

Niya: "Okay make it fast. "

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Mount con. Rappelling point.

The rappelling contest is connected by Royal College.

Both Niya and Piya reached the rappelling point. Kin Li, TRACKER,' T' and her is also present.

'T' must planning something.

Kin Li reached the ticket counter and collected his ticket. Niya collected the ticket for both Niya and Piya. Kin Li get 43no; ticket and Niya and Piya get both 45and 46.

'T 'reached the ticket counter behind Piya and Niya. But she allure the person who is in the ticket counter and collect ticket no;44. She wanted to become a couple with Kin LI.

Niya overheard the conversation between 'T' and her gang. So she intentionally knocked' 'T' down and change the ticket to make Kin and Piya a pair.

At last Piya and Kin became a pair and Niya and 'T' became another one.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Rappelling starts.

Piya is always afraid of hight. So she started to tremble.

Kin started to doting her.

Kin: with a flirting smile. " Hey Piya don't look down if you afraid of hight. Look at my eyes, you will forget everything else. "

Piya looked at Kin with a confused look.

Niya: "Common Kin don't try your outdated flirting ideas on her. She is different from our college bimbos. "

Piya: "Niya, I am so afraid. I think I will fall down. "

Niya: "Oh Piya, what the f*ck yaar. Don't open your badmouth. Nothing will happen. "

Piya become speechless.

Suddenly Piya's rope cutted and she fall down.

Niya and Kin shocked. 'T' dumbfounded.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Niya falling down from the mountain. She is screaming loud.

She can hear Niya and Kin shouting her name.

She is falling down. She is about one meter away from the ground. She shut her eyes down.



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