supernatural love story
8 DON“T....... DON“
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supernatural love story
Author :malumolu
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8 DON“T....... DON“

Kin, Piya and Niya sitting in the cafe near the Con mountain.

Piya is in her thoughts. She is remembering the cold eyes and expressionless face of her savior. Niya and Kin looking at each other with a confused expression.

Niya: "Hey Piya are you alright? is there any injury in your head. You looking very upset. "

Piya stared at Niya.

"Nothing I am alright. I just thinking about today's events. "

"Piya just forget about it. " Kin dotting Piya.

"Piya please forgive me. I am really sorry. I am the one who is responsible for this. It will not happen if I cross check the rope. I am really sorry. "

"It's okay Kin. It's not your mistake.Thank you for the concern. "

"Piya ,I think fifth percent mistake is your. Who tell you to born with this type of alluring beauty 😍💓. I almost fainted by it. "

"Cough..... Cough.... ". Piya &Niya coughed dryly.

" I mean.... "

"It's okay. "

"Piya come to my house today.Today is my father's birthday🎂. So, my mom organized a surprising party to him. So come and join us. "

They are leaving the cafe. Niya get in her bike.

"Piya common let's go to my house🏠. "

"No Niya I cant."

"You should come. Kin see you at evening. "

"Niya I can't make it, I want to go to hostel. "

"Niya I think I can't also make it. " Kin staring at Piya disappointingly.

"What yaar, are you infatuated with your faty hostel keeper? Kin What is your problem? "

"Niya I have some personal issues. " Kin said.

"What personal issues, is it for your idiotic girlfriend?. "

"No Niya, " Kin said with a pleading expression while glancing at Piya.

"Piya, you should come. "

"Niya I think I can't make it. "

"Don't worry I will tell my father to inform your hostel. "

"Now get on my bike. common. "


"In that case I will also come. "

Piya get on the bike.

Niya coughed dryly and stared at Kin and said in double meaning.

"Kin don't....... don't. "

"Common Niya. "

Niya and Piya left the cafe.

"Niya what did you say to Kin? don't what? "

"Hahaha😄😄😄. Stupid I was said to Kin that don't fall in love with you. "

"Love me! what are you going on? Kin loves me!. "

"I think he is dotting you. You don't know, how beautiful are you ! you are special unlike these bimbos who are trying to flirt with the boys. "

"Oh! is that so. "

"Yes you don't decorate you like other bimbos"


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