supernatural love story
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supernatural love story
Author :malumolu
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Next morning.

Piya got up early to go to the college.

Others are still sleeping.

There is only Anna & Joanna left.

Piya got changed. In the corridor she met Niya.

When Niya looked in to the room she astonished.

She got to see two intoxicated girls.

"Piya you should report this to principal. Its absolutely annoying. " Niya annoyed.

"Don't worry Niya. I will surely report this to hostel warden. " Piya said.

Joanna overheard their conversation.


Today is the selection of students to the youth fest.

Piya want to participate in the song but' T' was the arts Club president. She rejected Piya. But Kin was also a president, So he insisted on join Piya.

The fest was conducted by alumini association. Niao was selected as the show director of Romeo and Juliet play. So she selected Piya as Juliet and Kin was selected as Romeo.

"Who is this Piya Min? " a voice rang in the auditorium.

The cops are here!

"Sir, Piya Min is me. What is the matter? "

Niya frowned.

"We get an anonymous information saying that you are using the drugs. So we are here to arrest you. "

Everyone in the auditorium stunned. Gaze of everyone subconsciously shifted to Piya.

"Miss Min please cooperate with us. "

They taken Piya away.

Niao Niya and kin started to contact their parents in order to release piya.

Police station

Piya was sitting on a chair.

A glass of water is in front of her. She is looking around. There are a few cops present.

"Sir, may I come in.I want to meet miss Piya. I am here to release her. " a voice came from the door side.

The inspector standup from the chair with a polite expression.

"Oh Mr. Wen please come in. "


The warden and the keepers are in piyas room to raid Anna and Joanna.

She found out three packets of drugs from the back pack of them.

"I knew it! I always knew it! you guys are drug dealers but I didn't have any evidence. When Niya said about yesterday's events, I knew that you guys give that so-called 'anonymous information '.

Uncultured fellow's. So they give wrong information to the cop's about Piya.


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