warm wedding
1 Her misery
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warm wedding
Author :sally1124252
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1 Her misery

Chu Nian was dragged by two tall bodyguards and brought into the president's office. Chu Nian, an eighteen-year-old girl aspiring to earn money quickly got into this company. A pure-hearted soul, she had her face full of collagen, no thick makeup to boost her perfect facial features. Chu Nian had curves in all her right part of bodies. Now she was in a completely disheveled state wherein both her arms which used to look pure white now had purple bruises. The perfectly tied bun was now open and her hairs were swaying side to side as she was pleading those tall bodyguards to leave her which was a futile attempt. As they entered the president's cabin those tall burly bodyguards ruthlessly threw her on the floor. Trying to withstand the force she slowly looked at president Gu. Her teary eyes which were pure, innocent now had questions in them. He was a president of GU enterprise which was a well-established firm for training and grooming young and beautiful girls who aspired to become models and actresses. There was hardly anyone who didn't know that Gu enterprise was well known for carrying out works under the table or more specifically on the bed of highly ranked directors or well known rich people. Chu Nian had been in an urgent need of money as well as she did not have any certificate or degree along with her which might land her a decent job.

With fire burning under his eyes president Gu asked " Chu Nian what do you want to say more?". While trying to get up and controlling her trembling voice Chu Nian pleaded president to let her go, she isn't what he is thinking.


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