warm wedding
3 Charm fox night club
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warm wedding
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3 Charm fox night club

There was a executive red backless gown kept along with matching jewellery and shoes. Chu nian after wearing the gown looked no less than a celebrity. Slightly heavy ruby red earrings casting its shadow on her bare shoulders. Her smooth milky white back leading to a slim waist. Wine red lipstick which seems appetizing along with slight blush which changed the temperament of the whole person. In order to take care that Chu nian dosent cause trouble president Gu himself went to drop her.

In the car president Gu said " Chu nian tonight I will see your performance. You dont have to worry much the people who comes here are all filthy rich and dont care about spending money, so as long as you work well you can earn highly and quickly. Also if you return my money to me ASAP you can have a stable life for yourself as well as your family" Hearing president Gu, Chu nian only nodded slightly while thinking how she thought of becoming a actress or a model. Her decision was not based on her dreams rather it was based on the amount of income, this being a way to earn enough money she signed up with Gu entertainment.

Soon the car came to halt in front of the club. As chu nian got down the car she saw the executive place which was screaming money from every corner of its place, even the security here was a top notch. She had heard that this place is also known as the house of Devil. This was one of the top most luxury resort in the world, it was built on the lake surrounded by forest. The architecture was designed by well known architect from France. The annual fees to enter this club is millions of dollars. Membership isn't easy to get as you can only get a membership if you are introduced by an existing person. Along with that, membership is only given after thorough checking and reviews.
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