warm wedding
4 First meeting.
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warm wedding
Author :sally1124252
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4 First meeting.

Someone greeted President Gu and lead the way for Chu nian to enter the place of party. Chu nian was fully aware about what happens in these high profile parties but never had she experienced this. On the other side in a group of aristocrats President Han was sipping his executively aged red wine while listening to other party praising him. President Mo was one of the competitor of Han group of industries, while Mo enterprises were completely passed from generations to generation, Han group was single handedly made by President Han who happened to be the second young master of Han family. President Mo " Hello president Han, I congratulate you after all now First young master would be getting married to his girlfriend who also is the daughter of Tian group's president. Now both big companies would be joining hands, what would happen to small companies like us". Saying this president Mo cheered president Han, between the *click**clank* sound of wine glasses other people present in the venue started discussing how President Han dotes on his brother. Also there was rarely someone who didn't knew how powerful these two families were. Han group and Tian group both were leading developers and had the power to disrupt the country's economy.

As Chu nian entered many people were eyeing her, after all a pure and elegant beauty was very rare in this circle. Many high profile models were swaying their bodies near rich masters. Circling around their bodies while highlighting the curves of their body was a sure shot way to trap these gold masters. As Chu nian was watching those models way of behaviour suddenly some one came, grabbed her hand by its wrist and pushed her on the sofa by his side. President Han saw Chu nian when she entered, a glimmer of light passed into his eyes which lasted only for a second after which he started sipping his wine in a calm demaneour. The person who pulled Chu nian was a rich second generation heir and a well known play boy in the circle. "Little sister, don't be afraid, you seem to be new here, i will help you. Come drink this wine, its for you." By hearing this Chu nian was scared and was slowly moving in the opposite direction of the rich second generation heir. Unaware of the person on other side she was steadily moving away till her body touched P[resident Han. The rich second generation heir had already finished his part of wine and chi nian was asked to finish hers too, taking a moment and calming herself chu nian understood there's no way to escape and she downed the whole glass of wine in a single shot. Besides her president Han was watching all her moves with an expressionless face.


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