warm wedding
8 10 million deal.
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warm wedding
Author :sally1124252
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8 10 million deal.

As Chu Nian was been taken away by president Han, the surrounding temperature dropped to being ice cold. The aura surrounding president Han was something which can make anyone shudder in fear.

As they entered the presidential suite, before Nian could take a look and understand what was happening she was forcefully pushed on the bed by president Han. She was nervous, not knowing what to do. She tried to calm herself down and composed herself.

Without paying any attention to Chu Nian, He swiftly took off his clothes, rolling over and pressing her beneath him. Chu nian's hands were buckled on the top of her head. Due to fear Chu Nian started resisting, which was of no hindrance to Han. He increased his strength on Nian's hands.

His body warmth was intimidating to her. . Instinctively, she resisted, trying to break away from him.

President Han chuckled like he had just heard a funny joke. He suppressed her again without any effort. Holding her chin and forcing her to raise her face, he whispered the most contemptuous remarks in her ears: " Didn't you do all this so I would sleep with you? Tell me lady what is the purpose of you doing this?"

"Tell me"

Closing her eyes suddenly a scene flashed under Nian's head. Few days ago many people broke into their house and started demanding a huge sum of money from the mother and daughter. Both of them were scared as the people were scary, some had cut marks scattering throughout their face while some had bloodshot eyes which were result of being in an over drunken state . Soon the mother daughter duo realised they were here to take the gambling debts of her father which were equal to 10 million. An astronomical figure which was never seen by them. When Chu nian's mother confronted her father about such a huge amount of debt he started abusing her . soon this became daily occurence at their household. Due to constant quarrels and fights her sister also started spending nights outside the house .

Suddenly coming back to reality she tought ' If fathers gambling debts could be paid then sister can come home, dad will not hit mom again in the future and we will return being happy again'

Nian immediately blurted out " I am in need of money, if president Han can give me 10 million i will serve you"

Being on the top of business pyramid this was not a new occurrence to president Han . Hearing the womans intentions he smirked as if it was something that he was sure of . He asked : " Are you sure you need only 10 million. I hope you know what does it mean to serve." While saying this president han threw a cheque at chu nian wile saying " LETS START"


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