warm wedding
10 Obedien
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warm wedding
Author :sally1124252
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10 Obedien

[Never regret for the past neither worry for the future...

Nothing was brought in the world for it to be lost.....]

Looking at the check that president Han threw Chu nian kept it inside the bag while President Han went towards the couch and sat down. Folding his one leg on top of another he opened alcohol bottle kept there and poured it into two glasses.

After keeping the checque inside her purse Chu nian turned around. When she glanced at president Han, he gestured her to come near him by curling his index finger in air.

She has already taken the bait so now there was no choice of going back on her words or decisions hence, taking a deep breath Chu nian calmed down her nerves and started walking towards president Han slowly.

Looking towards the petite girl walking towards him with a conflicted emotion through the alcohol galss president Han smiled lightly. Asking her to sit besides him he handed her another glass and told her to drink it.

When she tried to retort, President Han gave her a look which was completely saying

' Don't think of saying no'

Closing her eyes she chugged the whole contents of the glass and scrunched her face.

Looking at her expressions and impatience President Han knew that this was either her first time drinking or she is a very great actor who can fulfill any character or role at any time with 100% proficiency. Looking at her he also added

"I like obedient girls...."

Completing the drink Chu nian was waiting for his next order when she heard,

"Start taking off your clothes"

When president Han saw her thinking and not working on his words he added

" Regretting ?"

Getting out of her thinking she answered president Han by shaking her head and got up from the couch.

Touching the Zip at the back of her dress she slided it down. Looking at the floor she slowly removed her left sleeve andthen went ahead to remove her right sleeve.

But before she could slide down other sleeve a big rough hand grabbed her from her shoulders and dragged them back to the shoulders. Looking towards President Han, Chu nian asked if theres some problem.

Looking at those clear misty eyes, he curled up his lips and spoke while hugging her and sliding the Zipper of her dress:

" Yes, I don't like it here.... Let's go to my house."

Dropping the sentence President Han called his driver to prepare the car and similarly asked Chu nian to cover herself with scarf is she doent wants to come in headlines.

Even tough she was really dizzy due to alcohol but there was no way for her to reject president Han's request or more precisely his decision. When she covered her face and grabbed her belongings President Han took her hand and left the club from a special exit.

Getting in the Car President Han asked the driver to drop him at his house.

Looking at the lady who was forcing her eyes to remain open.... President Han asked her to take a quick nap before they reach so she could perform better.

Nodding her head Chu Nian rested her head on the back of the seat and closed her eyes while unknowingly dozing off.


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