warm wedding
11 Sleeping beauty
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warm wedding
Author :sally1124252
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11 Sleeping beauty

[ What is yours today

belonged to someone yesterday

will belong to someone tomorrow

You are mistakenly enjoying the tought if it being yours.....

It is this false happiness

that is the cause of

your sorrows...]

President Han was a very particular person, he dosent like to adjust wirh new people he has his own habits nad rules which he follows. One of which was he never allows any women to enter his car. In last 10 years this was first time driver Xu seeing a woman in persident Han's car. Also today he was acting weird, even tough he was working on his tablet but if one looks closely enough it can be seen that he was just typing random words or basically just typing random keys while his eyes were on the woman. Smiling Driver Xu kept on driving..

When the car reached teh apartment President Han noticed that Chu nian was sleeping deeply and had no signs of waking up. Getting out of teh acr he went towards other side, opened the door and carried her in his arms princess style and led her inside of the house. Entering the house President Han turned on the lights and started walking towards his bedroom, but after a while he turned towards the guest bedroom and laid Chu nian down on the bed while covering her with a blanket and left the room after observing her for some time.

Going inside his room President Han took out his cell phone and messaged someone to find out Chu Nian's information. Keeping his phone aside he tought about that scrunched up face and smiled while going to get fresh.

After some time his cell phone showed a message notification which mentioned him to check his emails, quickly opening his laptop he accessed the email read it for nearly an hour and then closed the laptop while smiling widely and murmured

"Huh.... So I was wrong all along. Its ok, we have lots of time to make things right."

Next morning When Chu nian woke up she got starteled looking at the unfamiliar environment. Feeling dizzy and nauseous she tried to open her eyes first so as to look around. When she realised that she was going with presideny Han's home and slept on the way she got scared and quickly took at look at herself. No change of clothes, no pain in body just a heavy head. Sighing in relief she got down from the bed when a voice sounded:

" It seems sleeping beauty was relieved to spoil our night...."

Looking at the source of voice Chu nian bowed her head "President Han"

"Tsk Tsk You even ignored me for whole five minutes while I prepared a hangover medicine for you. Is this how you treat your ....... Nevermind"

Informing Chu nian about the medicine and change of clothes president Han asked her to come downstairs for breakfast after having shower and left the room.

While Chu nian was walking downstairs she saw President Han standing near the window while speaking on phone. Though he was a very quiet person who won't speak if not necessary he had the right body build, broad shouders, high nose bridge. Today he was wearing white shirt with a black suit one hand holding the phone on his ear while other hand tucked in the pocket and a warm sunlight radiating on his face. This was the first time that she was seeing President Han at such a close distance or else people like her would only have seen him in news papers or televisions.

Sitting on the dining table she was waiting when after a minute or so President Han joined and both of them had a silent meal. She had to apologize about her mistake last night and also make amendments with President Han, afterall she cannot afford to offend him and she can still see her 10 million check flying out of her bag into his pocket.... but she refrained herselffrom speaking as she once heard on news that he dosent like to speak while eating.


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