warm wedding
12 Dating
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warm wedding
Author :sally1124252
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12 Dating

[ A new dawn always gives us the opportunity to change our destiny.

All that we need to do is just grab it..."]

After the breakfast was over, President Han got up and asked Chu nian to follow him to the study. In the study, Chu nian was presented with a document, Opening the file she was scared, confused, all her emotions were in a mess.

Looking at her everchanging emotions President Han panicked and tought about his decision if what he did was a little to abrupt or if he should have waited lor thought about another way. But in between of those thoughts suddenly another thought cropped up which said ' Why should I think?'

Shaking away all those thoughts and coming back to present he passed a glass of water to Chu nian and asked her to drink it. The file was nothing just a compilation of information about her family. Her mother's sufferings, her father's debts, her sister's life everything was present on the file in a detailed description. What she knew can be just said as the tip of the iceberg which was only 10% but the truth was much more than it could be expected.

Drinking some water she calmed herself down and gathered her thoughts.

"Isn't this too much information on the person with whom you are about to sleep just once?" Though Chu nian was grown up in a messy family but she was actually a very rational person who can analyse and access the situation quickly. Her thoughts and emotions both can work independently without interfering with each other helping her a way out in all situations. Even tough here the bigger problem was her father's debts but another question was why does president Han had information on her and on top of that why was he showing it to her? Hearing her question President Han answered

"Smart, I like it.

You are right, this is indeed too much information on a person who was about to be my..."

Walking closer to Chu nian President Han added in a low voice:

"I have an offer for you."

"You already gave me one last night and I dont think it's a one plus one offer" Answered Chu nian

"Only I can help you in the situation that you might get in future and many other things which I don't think I need to explain you." After looking at Chi nian's changing expressions from a questionable gaze to a broken, sorrowful face he added

" I don't need you to do too much, Let's date. Try to experience love. "

"What if I love someone else? Also I don't think you are short of girls who want to date you, then me??" Asked Chu nian.

" Do you think its easy to lie expecially to me? ....

If in future you fall in love with someone we can discuss and breakup simply. It's just a normal dating I am not going to bind you to me by anything.

About the wierdly walking clowns who throw themselves at me... ....You will get to know the reason about that question later." Answered president Han.

After hearing the answers and glancing at the document again Chu nian reluctantly nodded, anyway she didn't had anything to loose. If things dosen't go well she can just simply breakup as he said.

Getting a positive answer which he was sure about President Han asked Chu nian to move in with him so as to get to know each other more and cultivate feelings.

When the car arrived near Chu nian's house and she was about to get down, President Han caught her hand and spoke,

"I will pick you up at 5 pm, also You can inform your parents whatever you want. I just want to make clear that I won't force you for anything. And don't think about whatever you saw in the document too much."

Nodding Chu Nian left. Looking at the back of the girl President Han murmured

'Time indeed changes'


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