warm wedding
13 Moving in together
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warm wedding
Author :sally1124252
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13 Moving in together

When Chu nian reached home her mother was working on stiching some designes on clothes. Looking at her mother she felt bad.

With her dad usually gambling everything that he earns, it was already difficult to live..... but later when he also started to gamble the money earned by her mom , which was barely enough to support both mother nad daughter with a meal,... it became increasingly difficult for them to live. Still her mother had never lost hope of having a better tomorrow, she cooks lunch boxes for people in the neighbourhood and also stiches designes on clothes and sells them to the vendor who then later sells them in market.

Earlier the lunch box business was good when her dad was little better but as he started drowning in gambling debts making those debt collectors visit our house the neighbours started distancing themselves with their family causing a drop in business.

Greeting her mom morning Chu nian packed her little belongings in a suitcase and then helped her mom in some stiching work followed by helping in cooking lunch.

While both mother and daughter were cooking lunch Chu nian informed her mom that her dad's gambling debt will be taken care of and she also has joined a new cast.

Looking at her mom not believing her and smiling Chu nian added

" Mom due to my new project I have to relocate, the company has arranged a place for me to stay. The work is not big but if completed we will be able to solve all our problems."

Patting Chu nian's head her mother praised her for being beautiful and asked her not to work hard.

Though Chu nian knew that her mother will never say no to her work but she still felt sad about lying to her mom. But later thinking about the problems she calmed down and decided that she will not inform her family members for the time being.

Looking at her mom Chu nian tought a couple of times before asking:

"Mom, ...Do... you know.... why .....sister left house?"

Heraing such a weird question mother Chu gave Chu nian silly look and spoke:

"Why are you asking me this question out of the blue?

Didn't you see the letter that girl left, You yourself read it right?

She wanted to live her life, enjoy, fly high.... We were caging her...Right ....We were a hurdle...."

Looking at her mom starting to tear up on the mention of her sister Chu nian quickly changed the topic and asked mother Chu to take care of herself and call her if she needs anything.

In the evening at sharp 5 PM a black car stopped exactly at the place where Chu nian was dropped off in the morning...

Rolling the window down president Han gestured Chu nain to sit while Driver Xu was helping her to keep her suitcase in the trunk.

" So what did you tell your mom?"Asked president Han.

"I told her that I have got a job offer and company has arranged an accomodation for me." replied Chu nian.

"Good choice, So How do you feel ?" Asked president Han

Not getting the question Chu nian repeated in a questioning tone "FEEL???"

" Yes, How do you feel about moving in with me??? Excited??"

With ptresident Han reframing the question Chu nian realised what he wanted to ask

"I ...am a bit... nervous "Answered Chu nian and started observing the scenery on the road.

Last night while travelling she was asleep while today morning while going home shre was in dilemma over the things that she saw in the study room as well as her decision making her unable to notice the beauty on the road whereas now her mind was calm.

Looking at Chu nian busy in observing the nature president Han started working on his tablet and stopped asking her questions.


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