warm wedding
14 Same bedroom???
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warm wedding
Author :sally1124252
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14 Same bedroom???

"This is the house where you will live with me from today" Entering the house president Han spoke while gesturing his hand towards the house and added

"I don't like people always following me around so I never hired maids and butlers but if you want one I can hire them. No need to worry about cleaning, theres a maid who will come everyday around noon and clean the house. "

A little surprised Chu nian asked "Food.... you cook?"

Laughing President Han nodded and said:"It must seem difficult though but surprisingly I can cook."

"Okay, lets go I will show you the room. You can get fresh, unpack your stuff and then come downstairs for dinner"

Nodding when Chu nian started walking towards his room President Han got amused and asked

"Why are you going in my room???"

With a questioning tone Chu nian answered:

"Didn't you say dating? Then ...we.....different bedroom ....or ....same bedroom????"

Walking towards Chu nian President Han kept one of his hand on her shoulder and started pulling her forward further than his room while answering her question

"I indeed said dating. Isnt the first step of dating knowing each other? And I read somewhere, space plays a major role in dating.

Though I understand your eagerness in sharing the same bedroom,,,,but lets wait...."

Shooting daggers from eyes Chu nian entered the guest room and closed the door quickly and shouted behind the door :

"Ahhhh I am not eager, you are....you are eager....." and closed her ears with hands to prevent hearing anything that guy says....

Chuckling mildly President Han went to the kitchen to prepare dinner for them and some snacks in case required.

Inside the room, Chu nian first took a shower and came out wearing bathrobe. After drying her hair hse decided to sort out her stuff and unpack them first before going down. When she went inside the walk in closet she was suprised looking at the already filled wardrobe. It had everything that a girl could ever need... Clothes....ooh probably clothes for all occassions ...gowns, casual jeans and tops, short party dresses, night gowns and what not..... The shoes section was also nowhere behind them Heels, plumps, flats, slippers, sneakers, shoes, etc.....

Thinking about something Chu nian grabbed a random simple dress and decided to wear it. After wearing it she figured out that either the dress was made according to her body ar she was too perfect to complement the dress. The latter seemed impossible after trying on a couple of more dresses and Chu nian was sure that all the dresses were specially bought according to her size. She observed same thing with shoes.

Though it seemed like a dream that president Han who is the nation's husband asked her for a date. But now it was a little creepy for Chu nian to knwo that he bought her clothes that were too perfect for her body type. Taking a deep breath she calmed down first and tried to convince herself:

'Its ok chu nian, he is the president....its just a piece of cake for him to buy soo many things...But how can he know my size so well........ And also looking at the wardrobe Chu nian was able to see that there were no things in purple colour. No dress, no shoes even there was no design or a patch on any of the dresses which were purple colour.

Its impossible...right....hehe...right...Its immpossible...I am just thinking too much....

How can he know...I myself dosent know that I am scared of purple colour.....



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