warm wedding
15 Chu Nian .......Run.........
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warm wedding
Author :sally1124252
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15 Chu Nian .......Run.........

While shaking her head side to side Chu Nian sat down on the floor holding her knees with her hands and was immersed in deep thought.

Suddenly she got up and slowly moved towards the door tiptoeing and then placing her ear on the door tried to hear the voioces from outside...

'His room is on the other side of the stairs. No voice can be heard on the outside which means he is not out as well. '

Opening the door a little bit Chu nian tried to chcek if someone was present in the living room or not. When she saw no one she opened the door completely and started running while shouting

"Chu Nian run...."

Hearing the commotion President Han turned off the stove nad came out to see Chu nian run down the stairs. He thought she would stop after coming down the stairs but looking at her running with the same speed towards the door he sighed at her childishness

"Door Close" Shouted president Han

Just when Chu nian was about to reach the door and would be free from the purple stalker she heard someone scream *Door close*. The sound was odddly familiar and it didnt take time for her to realize that the voice belonged to President Han and she was unable to control her speed with her thoughts running in a mess and she collided with the closed door, hitting her nose and forhead and falling down on the grounf landing on her butt.


A scream echoed inside the house....

Removing his apron President Han walked towards Chu nian ahe helped her in getting up, luckily the whole house was covered with carpet which surely prevented her from getting hurt. Making her comfortable on the couch in the living room President Han went to his room and got the first aid kit.

Sitting besides her, President Han removed the ointment and helped her applying it on her forhead and nose while speaking:

"So, why were you trying to run, Miss sleeping beauty?"


(pointing a finger towrads herself and smiling forcefully)

mee... rrrrr...ru..run...run...?

(Shaking her head) No....no...not at all..."

Looking at Chu nian answer incoherently President Han smiled and asked her:

"If not run then were you trying fly??

*Sighing* There's no point in lying to me....

Tell me why you were trying to run?"

Hearing the sciencerity in president Han's question Chu nian decided to ask him directly instead of going in rounds, anyway there was nothing that she can do now.

"I saw the clothes and shoes in wardrobe...

Aaammmm, they were a way too perfect for me....and...


When Chu nian started repeating the same word president Han added

"And what?"

"And....there .....there was no purple colour anywhere in ...both.... shoes and clothes..

How did you know I cant stand purple colour? "

Laughing on her reasons President Han answered

" I am the president of Han corpration and if you know one branch of Han corporation excels in clothing and fashion industry. I can get nay size of clothes within an hour whereas in your case I had more than a day. And if you remember then last month you submitted your details for being a model on fashion runway. "

Hearing the explanation Chu nian calmed down and her emotions eased a little...but immediately got tensed again

"But...but what about the purple colour? I didn't submit about it anywhere..."


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