warm wedding
16 Observation
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warm wedding
Author :sally1124252
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16 Observation

[And suddenly you just know its time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings]

Han yuren might have never thought that one day he would be sitting patiently and answering someone's questions. He was an unquestionable authority, his all decisions were final. No one would ever have the guts to question him back about any decision made by him and here this girl.... Time and again he had to explain her, answer her.

"About that.....

Sleeping beauty, do you also have a habit of losing your memory after sleeping???"

Hearing an completely unrelated statement Chu nian became more alert and kept on staring at President Han.

"I, singlehandedly built Feiren corporations, if I dont have the ability to observe how can I be such a successful person. Only if you remember last night in the hotel room the table cloth was of purple colour. Even though you did not say anything about it but your eyes started blinking rapidly after looking at it and also you started tapping your leg nonstop which I suppose is a sign of anxiety. So it wsa just my guess that you can't bear purple colour which surprisingly became right."

Embaressed Chu Nian apologized to president Han.

"Were you scared?" asked president Han

Looking at him Chu nian contempleted if she should answer or just dodge the question afterall it dosen't seem good to say someone that she was sacred of them....

Before she could answer president Han laughed and told her that her expressions gave him the answer heraing which she quickly covered her face with both her hands while trying to peek at his face from fingers...

Looking at her such cute movements President Han got up and ruffeled her hairs and asked her to eat some snacks while he keep the first aid box back in its place.

The evening was spent by Chu nian watching television in the living room and president Han working on his tablet sitting besides her.

Later at night after dinner both decided to take a walk in the backyard to digest food.

While walking Chu nian praised president Han's cooking skills. Even though it cannot compare to the five star chef's but it was still decent enough for someone like Chu nian to eat to her fill. When Chu nian asked him that how did he learn it president answer answered:

"Mostly we are sent abroad to learn without our family status or helps. People from Han family are expected to have the experience of being a common man so they can manage their lifes and their subordinates in the most feseable way. When I was sent abroad I started falling sick often by eating constantly at outlets. So it made me learn some of the basic dishes that I can eat or can fulfill stomach. "

Opening her mouth wide Chu nian told him that she neveer thought that he could have experienced a normal life. She expectted that there will be maids around him all day and night long who might even help him drink water....

Laughing at her thoughts President Han murmured

"Many things seem different on the outside as compared to what they actually are."

After a couple of minutes both decided to sit on the reclining chair in the garden and look at the stars in the sky...

"Why did you enter entertainment industry?"


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