warm wedding
17 White dress
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warm wedding
Author :sally1124252
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17 White dress

"president Han, people like you who has money will lead a lot better life than people like us who dosen't even have enough for a meal. I am not blaming or criticizing you... My dad has all along been a gambler but erailer he sed to earn a little bit and my mom was in a better health to work nad earn so as to atleast support us. But with time things changed and my dad started gambling with my mom's money as well leaving us on an empty stomach. Suddenly one day my sister left house and vanished giving my mom the biggest shock of her life. With deteoriting health she was unable to fulfil the basic needs.

I was never sent to school, so it was far more difficult for me to get a decent job. I have literally tried to be a receptionist, salesgirl, watchman, life attendent, waitress but the pay was not enough. Suddenly one day I met Mr. Gu at the place where I was working as a waitress, probably he realised that I look beautiful and might be of any help to him and he offered me to become a model and an actress.

Entertainment industry was the only profession which dosent require you to hold a certeficate and if luck is on your side it can aslo make you rich and famous. I don't desire to be famous but I want to be rich so I can give my mother the life she deserves.

This is how I entered the industry"

Even though Chu nian just mentioned her path of entering the industry but she didn't knew that her sufferings were going to benefit soo many young people in the near future.

While going to their respective bedrooms President Han spoke

"It might be little difficult for you to fall asleep in the new environment, so If you want you can keep the lights on or play some songs. Goodnight. " saying this he left towards his room

Looking at his back Chu nian thought:

'Dosen't he know too much about me.....'

Hitting her forhead with her palm she shaked her head and murmured

"Enough Chu nian, didn't you get an earful just in the morning. Its nothing new everyone has problems after changing places and probably he might have thought I might get scared so he told me to keep the lighhts on... Yes.....Yes .....thats it ...soo many people keep lights on when they are scared... I am surely not the only one....

About the songs..... its said that songs calm you down....many therapies uuse songs that might be the reason... yes.... I am sure .....thats the only reason... Don't use your rotten brain now"

Inside President Han's room,

opening his cupboard he took out a small box, opening the box with the passcode he slowly removed a cloth. It was a white dress, stained with blood, torn at various places but still President Han was holding onto it as if his life depended on that, hugging that dress he started sobbing while constantly apologizing. After sometime he kept the dress back and took out some other stuff, there were roses, hair clips, and a ring......


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