warm wedding
18 Morning Routine
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warm wedding
Author :sally1124252
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18 Morning Routine

Han Yuren spent around a couple of hours while hugging those clothes and other things drowning in those past memories. Realizing that he had spent a good amount of time he kept them back at their own place and went to freshen up with determination filled in his emotionless eyes.

It was around two clock at night when Han Yuren decided to take a tour inside the house or probably he just wanted to pass by Chu Nian's room. Walking slowly with light foot steps, Han Yuren stood outside her room door and smiled hearing light music playing inside the room. He knew that many people have problems when they change places and Chu Nian was one of them. That is why he prepared a playlist of soothing music for her to play while sleeping. Noticing her hearing his playlist made him feel happy for no reason. Spending some time in front of Chu Nian's door hearing those soothing music he also started to feel drowsy. Han Yuren then returned back to his room and slept peacefully after a long time.

In the morning around six AM, Han Yuren got up. Picking up his cell phone he first turned up its volume up removing it from silent mode. Han Yuren had a habit of keeping his cell phone on silent while he is sleeping, it is a habit that is cultivated in his family in order to take care of health as well. Their family believes in the fact that, in order for the person to be energetic during the day, it is most important for him to have an undisturbed sleep.

Getting up he showered and got ready for his exercise schedule. It was Han Yuren's fixed routine that he would get up by 5 AM or 6 AM depending on the time he goes to bed. Getting up the first thing he does is exercise followed by having a calm breakfast. His office work starts at 9 AM and ends anytime before midnight.

Han Yuren had just finished his exercise routine and it was around 8 AM. Passing through Chu Nian's room he heard some light voices. Thinking Chu Nian would be awake he knocked on the door to get a check on her and help her in case if she needed.



Chu Nian was indeed suffering from the change of places last night. She had slept around 1 AM last night while generally she sleeps at 10 PM. Chu Nian was used to getting up at 6AM, but due to last night's issues she slept late and hence got up late as well. She had just opened her eyes and registered that she was with Han Yuren when, a subtle knock sounded on the door. She had witnessed that this house had only two people thus, there was no need for her to ask who was at the door. It was surely Han Yuren.

Rubbing her blurry eyes, Chu Nian tried to fix her hair to look little presentable and went to open the door. Opening the door she saw Han Yuren standing with a bottle of protein shake in one hand while his T-shirt soaked in sweat. His face was glistening and his chest was undulating up and down due to heavy breathing. Chu Nian's throat felt dry while she kept on staring at Han Yuren without any reaction.


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